Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mary Stone Publishes Another Poem

Yes, Mary, a current English major, has published "If I Say" in The Flint Hills Review, which is published by Emporia State University. This is the third poem Mary has published in a venue beyond Missouri Western.

Congratulations, Mary!


Anonymous said...

"I knew Mary when she had a little lamb. She was eight years old. The lamb, I mean. We ate it for Easter. Mary, then a tender four years old and already leading study groups on Aristotle's _Poetics_, wrote a poem about butchering and eating the lamb. She called her poem, 'When Ya Aint Got Mutton, Ya Got No Mutton to Chews.' It was nominated for a Pushcart."
Bill Church
undergrad emeritus

Anonymous said...

Mary is the man! Wow, sometimes that statement doesn't really apply. You go girl! That's better.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mary! I'm proud of you!