Friday, May 20, 2011

Ed Webbley Vermont's Top Principal

Ed Webbley, a BSE alumnus, was named the Robert F. Pierce Secondary Principal of the Year by the Vermont Principals’ Association.

You can read about Ed's award on the Addison County Independent's website.

Congratulations, Ed!

Amy Chastain to take College Teaching Position

Amy Chastain, who will complete her thesis this summer and receive the MAA in Written Communication, will begin her college teaching life in the English Department at Butler County Community College in El Dorado, Kansas.

Amy will be teaching developmental writing and English Composition. A part of Amy's course load will be to advise the student newspaper, The Lantern.

Congratulations, Professor Chastain!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dockery Publishes

Mary Stone Dockery--once Griffon, now Jayhawk--Recently had two poems published on this website: "After Getting the Mole Removed" and "Bare Ache."

Notes Magazine recently accepted her poem titled "Juan, 2000," which should appear in the June issue.

Keep at it, Mary!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

EFLJ Accomplishments in April

Cynthia Bartels presented her paper "Redefining the 1950's Home: Three Beat Women's Versions of June Cleaver" at the 2010 National Popular Culture Conference in San Antonio, TX.

Mike Cadden presented his paper “Fake and Exaggerated Realism in Children’s Literature” at the Conference of the International Society for the Study of Narrative in St. Louis, MO.

Jeanie Crain presented at the April Higher Language Commission Annual Conference on the subject of "Measures of Measuring Effectiveness: What AQIP Institutions Identify as Measures" in Chicago, IL.

Kay Siebler presented a paper at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Atlanta, GA regarding best practices in training teachers to teach writing.

Kaye Adkins attended the international conference of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing and met with the organization's executive council as the liaison for the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication.

Student/Community Involvement/Successes
Over 50 Girl Scouts explored France, Québec and Africa during a French Immersion Camp on Saturday, April 23rd on the MWSU campus. Susie Hennessy, two teachers with the St. Joseph School District, and BSE French student Caitlin McKinney led the Girl Scouts on imaginary tours of Francophone regions while helping them earn badges about foreign countries and cultures. The girls learned about marine life in the Mediterranean, Carnaval in Québec, and traditional dress in Africa.

Cynthia Bartels’ student Stacey Weidmann presented her paper "Student Movements in Europe" at the 2010 National Popular Culture Conference in San Antonio, TX. Ms. Weidmann initially wrote the paper for Dr. Bartels’ Honors 395 course in the Spring of 2010.

On Wednesday, April 20, 2011, Dawn Terrick, the Director of Developmental Writing, hosted the 5th annual reading and reception for the ENG 100 student publication, Discovering the Student, Discovering the Self. The afternoon was a joyous event as family, friends, faculty, staff and administrators joined to hear ENG 100 students read their original work and celebrate the accomplishments of these students. Students shared their life stories from both inside and outside of the classroom. 85 people were in attendance and all were moved by the original works of the students. The event was shown on KQ2 News.

The staffs of Missouri Western's literary magazines, led by Bill Church, hosted a public reception and reading to celebrate the arrival of the 2011 publications on April 27 in the Enright Room of Spratt Hall. The Mochila Review, a national literary magazine featuring fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, is produced as part of ENG285 and is edited by Dr. Church. It is funded by the Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Journalism. Canvas is the student literary magazine funded by The Missouri Western Foundation with additional support from EFLJ. The student staff and area contributors read selections from both publications, and awards were presented to the student winners for the best poetry, prose, and visual art.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

English Instructor's Student Presents at National Conference

Ms. Stacey Weidmann presented her paper "Student Movements in Europe" at the National Popular Culture Conference in San Antonio on April 21. Stacey first prepared the paper for Dr. Cynthia Bartels' Honors 395 class in the Spring of 2010. Cynthia is an Instructor of English

The paper was well received, Cynthia reports, and Stacey was asked some good questions, including one about an event in 2006, to which Stacey replied, "I was in high school then!"

Congratulations, Stacey and Cynthia!

Monday, May 2, 2011

SPA 201 Students Perform for ESOL Class

On April 28th, students from Dr. Karina Vazquez's SPA201 Intermediate Spanish II performed two chapters of Don Quijote for Ms. Miller's ESOL classroom at Humboldt School. Don Quijote's performance allowed students to improve academically and as members of the community. The combination of theater and Service Learning reinforced the five areas of language learning: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities. Particularly in this last one, since students worked on a better understanding of the cultural and social issues regarding Spanish in their community.

Some students in Ms. Miller's class that came from Edison School remembered MWSU's performance of Alfonsina Storni at Edison. They had been looking forward to see theater in Spanish again, and participated actively in this new performance.
Karina wants to thank Dr. Eduardo Castilla Ortiz, who went to cheer the students as they handled the difficult task of operforming two plays totally in Spanish!!!

Participating students from SPA 201:
Jessica Koch
Brandon Bernhardt
Patrick Fuller
Reanna Matthy
Morgan Russell
Erica Stevens
Maria Theis
Teneia Corriger
Kimberly Noble
Tara Woods
Amber Garvey
Stephanie Hall
Michael Evans
Jodan Blew
Lesley Moser