Tuesday, July 3, 2012

David Stroud to Teach at Union Star

David Stroud has found gainful employment teaching high school students! David (BSE, May 2011) will be teaching 8th grade through 12th grade English at Union Star High School, which is about twenty miles north of St. Joseph.

He thanks his many professors who have "helped him develop the tools and knowledge to become an effective English teacher in areas he needed the most help," but adds that "if any professor should desire to reach me and offer me words of wisdom, tips, anything really, he or she can reach me at david.stroud.teach@gmail.com ." We'll probaby see David at a Prairie Lands Writing Project soon!

David will be coaching football (the 8-man variety) and girls basketball. He is excited about the opportunities to be involved with the small school in a variety of ways and connect with the students, their families, staff, administration, and the community. "I'm eager to begin my new journey," says David. "I am a high school English teacher. I love the sound of that." So do we.

Congratulations, David! Go, Trojans!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Students Return from Costa Rica

 Reporting on her return from Costa Rica, Professor Ana Bausset-Page shares information about the study abroad experience:

On May 13th, 2012 (Mother's Day) eight students and their Spanish professor (me) left from Kansas City, MO to Houston. At Houston airport we met with the other group of MWSU students, from nursing, headed to Costa Rica for a one-week Internship. We took the same plane, all wearing our gray shirts from MWSU.

When we arrived at San Jose, Costa Rica, families picked up each of our eight students and took them to their homes. We stayed in Heredia for two weeks. From 8:30 am until noon our students attended their Language classes. On Monday, the first day, they were interviewed to determine their oral proficiency and were assigned the correct level of class. After the Language classes they had Latin dance classes, cooking classes and jewlery classes.

On that first weekend, we went to Arenal (stayed in a Hotel) and soaked ourselves in the Baldi Hot Springs. Then we took a boat and crossed Arenal Lake to Monteverde. On Sunday, we went on our canopy trip, which was quite an experience! On Sunday evening, we arrived at Samara, by the Pacific coast. Our students couldn't believe that the Intercultura School was right on the beach! We spent one week there. During that week, we also went on a kayak trip on a river that joined with the ocean.

An article about the trip will appear in Western Magazine in early September.

In recent years students studying Spanish have gone on summer trips to Argentina, Spain, and Mexico. For more information about studying foreign languages and study abroad, see our foreign languages website.