Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Start of "New Lit Out Loud"

On Friday, November 21 Western students, staff, and faculty gathered with community members at Cafe Acoustic for the first "New Lit Out Loud." This new open mic night was the first of many to come. Canvas staff members are planning for this event to take place once a week beginning next semester, Spring 2009. Check back for more details on "New Lit Out Loud" and other similar events.

Dana Andrews read an excerpt from his short story about a man who is forced to go through the porn possessions of his dead brother-in-law in order to spare his wife, the dead man's sister, from the truth.

Dawn Terrick read a creative nonfiction piece about sorority life from a not-so-enthusiastic sorority sister.

Meg Thompson read pieces from her hilarious series that considers life from a terrorist's point of view. After all, how might a terrorist feel on a first date?

Mary Stone read poetry and excerpts with topics ranging from relationships and love to working in an adult goodies store.

More on "New Lit Out Loud" later!

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Mary said...

I can't wait for this to start happening every week!! I am going to do what I can to recruit.