Monday, January 26, 2009

Adkins Textbook the Latest in EFLJ

Dr. Kaye Adkins has published a textbook for introductory technical communication courses. The seventh edition of Technical Communication A Practical Approach is now available. (Look up Kaye Adkins on Amazon.) In April 2007, an editor at Prentice Hall asked Dr. Adkins to take over responsibility for the book, which was in need of serious updating and revision. ("The first thing I did was remove all references to drafting tables and word processing departments") Although William S. Pfeiffer is listed as co-author, Dr. Adkins had sole responsibility for the revisions in the seventh edition, and she will revise future editions. Two technical communication majors, Ted Koehler and Rachel Stancliff, conducted research and helped create new models for the textbook.

Congratulations, Kaye!

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