Friday, December 4, 2009

More Faculty Achievements

Dawn Terrick, Director of Developmental Writing, and Bill Church, Director of Learning Communities, hosted a session, "Student Engagement for Social Change," at the 14th Annual National Learning Communities Conference in Marietta, GA.

Nine area teachers represented Prairie Lands Writing Project by giving presentations at the annual meeting of the National Writing Project, held in Philadelphia, PA, November 19-21. EFLJ's Jane Frick, Trish Donaher, and Tom Pankiewicz accompanied Valorie Stokes and Heidi Mick (Platt County High School), Jen Vermillion (Lathrop High School), Terri McAvoy (St. Joseph School District instructional coach), and Amy Fowler (Central High School).

Karina Vazquez, Jason Youngkeit, and Eduardo Castilla-Ortiz each delivered a paper at the Mid-America Conference on Hispanic Literature (MACHL), hosted by the University of Kansas, November 5-7.

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