Thursday, February 4, 2010

Foster's Open Mic Draws More New Readers

Bill Church reports "Last night a record number of writers--twenty-three--took the mic at Foster's to celebrate New Lit Out Loud, the first reading of the new semester. Readings ranged from a high school poet and a first-time reader to a weathered community country song writer satirizing city politicians. The readings offered a tremendous variety of works: a fifteenth anniversary poem; a spoken word piece decrying the murder of a child; a short prose piece in which the married speaker recalled nearly joining the mile-high club with an imperfect stranger who "told me I had a beautiful mouth." If the applause was an accurate measure, the audience thought everyone who read, sang, or performed also had beautiful mouths--delivering words that celebrated our humanity."

Our next display of beautiful mouths will be Wednesday, March 10 at 7 PM at Foster's. Come share your writing.

Thanks to Jess Wilkinson for the pictures.

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