Sunday, March 28, 2010

Griffon Yearbook Wins National Accolades

The 2009 Griffon Yearbook has been selected as one of the top yearbooks in the country by Associated Collegiate Press, which has named the Missouri Western State College yearbook as one of fourteen Pacemaker Finalists.

Each year since 1927 the organization holds a competition for the Pacemaker award, considered one of student journalism’s highest honors. The 2009 Griffon has been nominated for the Pacemaker award in the category of yearbooks with under 304 pages.

“Becoming a Pacemaker Finalist is such an honor,” said Raphael’le Drew, Co-Editor-in-Chief of the 2009 Griffon. “I am so proud that all of our hard work and dedication has been noticed nationally.”

Raphael’le Drew and Amy Chastain were Co-Editors-in-Chief of the 2009 Griffon. Other editors included Kailey Alexander and Linda Shireman, Photography Co-Editors, and Sara Derr, Business Manager. Amy Chastain also served as the Copy Editor, and Raphael’le Drew served as the Design Editor. Staff included Ashley Macintosh, Courtney Puett, Emma Piehl, Erica Stevens, Raya Shafer, Hallie Delagardelle, EmmaLee Jones, Harvey Jackson, Frank Nemeth, Shawn Lesny, Jourdan Huffman and Olin Kinsey. Additional staff included Brittany Rivers, Heather Kietzman, Kelsey Wear, Bonnie Land, Melissa Friger, Amanda Hake, Carmen Smith, Missy Clinton, Courtney Slater, and Lauren Dillon.

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