Monday, May 3, 2010

Hon at Helm

Congratulations to Dave Hon, who will be the Editor in Chief for the Fall 2010. Dave comes in having served as Editor-in-Chief of his high school paper, The Pirate Clipper in Platte City, and has written for the weekly paper in Platte County. He has been an editor on The Griffon News the past two semesters, and already he has won MCMA awards, picking up a third place in the news writing category and sharing 1st Place honors in the Best Website category with Matthew Fowler. Dave has also given presentations at national conferences, including the Fall National College Media Convention in Kansas City, Journalism and Mass Communication Educators conference in Boston and Convergence and Society Conference in South Carolina.

Dave comes into the position with experience, with excitement, with passion for journalism and with great loyalty to The Griffon News. With Dave and the stellar group of people who have applied for the section editor positions, faculty adviser Dr. Bob Bergland has great confidence that the paper will be able to continue to put out top-notch issues as it did under what Dr. Bergland describes as "Alison's excellent leadership."

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