Monday, August 9, 2010

LeAnn Neal Reilly to Visit Classes

Alumna LeAnn Neal Reilly will be coming back to St. Joe in October to conduct a book-signing at Borders, give a library program, and visit Bill Church's creative writing class, all as part of the publication of her novel, The Mermaid's Pendant.
LeAnn will visit ENG 385: Creative Writing (prose) at 2 PM on Thursday, October 14 to discuss the novel. We've moved the class to Murphy 201 to accommodate any students, faculty, and alumni who want to come by and chat and ask questions. Please drop by!
If you don't get LeAnn to sign a copy of her book there, you can have your own copy of TMP (as it is abbreviated by her fans) signed at Borders when she is there for that purpose on Saturday, October 16 from 2-4 PM. Don't tell her that the second and third copies are "for a friend"; authors can see right through that.
On Friday, she'll be giving a program at East Hills Library from noon-1 PM.
You can read about TMP, see a book trailer, and even hear LeAnn read a chapter at

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