Monday, October 25, 2010

Faculty defeat Student Government Association

On Wednesday, October 20, The faculty basketball team, 1/3 comprised of EFLJ faculty, defeated the Student Government Association (SGA) 37-35. Bob "Sweet Knees" Bergland and Mike "No-Look-Pass-Oops-Sorry" Cadden represented EFLJ with some dignity if not actual ability.

The game was part of the seventh annual basketball tip-off party in the MWSU Fieldhouse. After the actual SGA staff fell woefully behind to the collective and considerable talent of the MWSU faculty team, the ringers were brought in to close the gap.

Considering that the game featured a continuous 15-minute clock, the faculty were at a clear disadvantage toward the end. Most faculty are not built to run for more than a few minutes at a time. Our strategy of looking ridiculous enough to reduce the opponent to laughter proved effective as they were unable to block our shots while doubled-over on the floor giggling.

The rest of the year will be devoted to resting in preparation for next year's game.

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