Monday, May 2, 2011

SPA 201 Students Perform for ESOL Class

On April 28th, students from Dr. Karina Vazquez's SPA201 Intermediate Spanish II performed two chapters of Don Quijote for Ms. Miller's ESOL classroom at Humboldt School. Don Quijote's performance allowed students to improve academically and as members of the community. The combination of theater and Service Learning reinforced the five areas of language learning: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities. Particularly in this last one, since students worked on a better understanding of the cultural and social issues regarding Spanish in their community.

Some students in Ms. Miller's class that came from Edison School remembered MWSU's performance of Alfonsina Storni at Edison. They had been looking forward to see theater in Spanish again, and participated actively in this new performance.
Karina wants to thank Dr. Eduardo Castilla Ortiz, who went to cheer the students as they handled the difficult task of operforming two plays totally in Spanish!!!

Participating students from SPA 201:
Jessica Koch
Brandon Bernhardt
Patrick Fuller
Reanna Matthy
Morgan Russell
Erica Stevens
Maria Theis
Teneia Corriger
Kimberly Noble
Tara Woods
Amber Garvey
Stephanie Hall
Michael Evans
Jodan Blew
Lesley Moser

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