Thursday, September 15, 2011

Celebration of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

On September 12, a celebration was held in honor of the Chinese mid-autumn festival. The program was arranged by Tiantian Zou, our Fulbright scholar from Xidian University. Her Chinese 100 class presented to a crowd of interested students, faculty, and St. Joseph residents.

The program featured an introduction to the festival as well as introductions and readings from important Chinese poets. Tiantian remarked that the students "did brilliant jobs on the pronunciation, intonation, and even gestures."

At the end of the recitation program there was served food and drink traditional to the festival: mooncakes with lotus seed paste, red bean paste, date paste, or pineable paste filling. The mooncake is a symbol of family reunion. Also served were apples (a symbol of peace and health), grapes (a symbol of harvest and happiness), Juhua Cha (a flower tea grown in Anhui in the east of China), Longjing (green tea grown in Hangzhou in the east of China), Tieguanyin (a green/black teah grown in Fujian in southeast China), Pu'er (black tea grown in southwest China), a confection called "Big White Rabbit," and Xienbei (a traditional snack).

Music typical of that played during the celebration was played as those gathered enjoyed food and conversation.

The program included the efforts of Jessica Foster (DJ), Jeff Stevens (technical support), Patrick Graham (master of ceremonies), Mesia Goolsby (greeter), LI Caihong, LU Qing, FAN Biao, and readers Trenton Cook, Davide Bennet, Nicholas Jones, Jane Frick, Ricky Maddox, Jessica Leffle, Amber Godfrey, Mesia Goolsby, Ruth Katchen, Cindy Heider, Shala Moore, Courtnay Inman, Angela Horn, Eduardo Castilla, Fred Weems, Wesley Moore, Lauren Thompson, Jeff Stevens, Patrick Graham, Sarah Gordon, Ceasera Robinson, Spencer Fraizer, Krystal Potter, Jessica Foster, Sharon Moore, and Tiantian Zou.

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