Thursday, February 23, 2012

EFLJ Celebrates Chinese Festival

Our Fulbright Scholar, Tiantian, reports on the Chinese New Year celebration with her students:

On February 6, students from CHI 100 and 101 learned to make 饺子(jiǎo zi), dumplings in Vaselakos Basement. 饺子(jiǎo zi) is the most important traditional Chinese food. With the help of Mrs Katchen and Tiantian, students learned the whole process from making fillings, dumpling skin to boiling. Like the stew in the US, every family has their different way of making it. The most classical filling is pork with cabbage(猪肉白菜). Beef with celery (牛肉芹菜), lamb with carrot (羊肉胡萝卜)are also popular. For vegetarians, eggs and chives (韭菜鸡蛋)are recommended.

On February 8, in Blum 218-219, students from CHI 100 and 101 celebrated Chinese Spring Festival by giving presentation about traditions, customs, legends and ways to celebrate Chinese New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Lantern Festival. Students did research and presented on topics like Chinese Zodiac, the year of Dragon, preparation for the new year, decorations, family gathering, Spring Festival Gala, fireworks, red envelopes, dragon dance, lanterns, riddles and traditional food for this big celebration. In the end, Fred Weems sang a Chinese song 康定情歌 in Chinese with his guitar. Tea and candies were served. Around 70 students were there listening to the presentations.

Thanks, Tiantian!

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