Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hennessy and Cadden Intramural Champions

Dr. Susie Hennessy and Dr. Mike Cadden are, respectively, MWSU women's and men's intramural racquetall champions.

Over the course of spring semester, Hennessy and Cadden fought off the hordes of would-be racquetball champs in a viscious and relentless pyramid challenge that had them struggle to keep life/work balance in tact. "It just about did me in this term," Cadden whined. "Though we are all 39-years-old in EFLJ, I felt almost 48 out there." Hennessy weighed the achievement in her life: "Sure, there was being awarded knighthood by France and being elected Faculty Senate President, but really they pale in comparison to this honor." Cadden has had no accomplishments, and so it is difficult to come up with experiences to which this could be compared.

They will be making various appearances across campus in the weeks to come; photo opportunities will be plentiful. They do not give autographs as it may play havoc with the important wrist tendons that have gotten them where they are today.

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Anonymous said...

Great job, both of you! Very proud.
Susie Hennessy, Women's Champion
Mike Cadden, Men's Champion*