Sunday, September 2, 2012

Faculty Picnic to Launch New Year

The dessert line forms behind Tom
In a desperate attempt to cling to what remained of summer, faculty met at Kaye and Jim Adkins' home the weekend before classes began to share some good food and conversation.

Lies were told about what we'd accomplished over the summer. Regrets were shared for what we admitted hadn't been done. Over plates of chicken we shared that other thing with feathers (hope, that is) that the year would be a good one.
C.J. and Michael compare lies about summer exploits

In attendance were our faculty visitors from Germany, Spain, and China, who all had a chance to size us up and wonder about what sort of year they might have among us. A week later finds them still on board.

The evening saw some bursts of rain, leading Betty Sawin to quip that our department might have spared the region some drought had we planned more department picnics over the summer.

Foreign Language faculty tell jokes about the English faculty sitting nearby

Ed Hennessy argues about real estate with young Simon

Bill Church sits on the periphery assessing the short story potential of the gathering
The semester is a week old. Most classrooms have been located, rosters have changed for the third time, and the photocopier and the coffee maker have each broken down under the stress of all the new work. Let's hope for better regarding faculty and students.

 Week Two surprises await.

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