Friday, February 8, 2013

First Thursday Open Mic Reading

Dana Andrews reads about dogs, journalism, and cars
Our First Thursday Open Mic Reading (formerly known as "That Poetry Reading Series" until we realized just how informative and poetic "First Thursday Open Mic Poetry Reading" would be) was held, well, this past Thursday, not coincidentally the first one in the month of February. Thanks to Mary Dockery for running the show and for reading her poems.

EFLJ majors Katie and Eric shared their work, listened, and drank strong coffee

A healthy crowd (measured by size rather than actual physical fitness) gathered to read and listen to poems, novel excerpts, spoken word, stories, non-fiction, and at one point a Hy-Vee receipt from last January. It was getting late and standards had dropped a bit. But even that got applause as those gathered were just happy to be there and just supportive by nature.
EFLJ alumni Jeremy and Stephanie can't believe what they're hearing.
And you should be happy to be at our next open mic reading. When? Well, the answer to that is in the name of the series. The new name. The old name is not helpful.

We hope to see you on March 7 from 6-8 PM at Foster's Martini Bar in downtown Historic Old Saint Joseph. Bring something to read, or just listen!

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