Thursday, May 23, 2013

Graduate Program Update

Kaye Adkins, our director of graduate studies, reports on the fortunes of our MAA graduates:

As of May 2013, ten students have completed the Master of Applied Arts in Written Communication. Here’s what they are doing now, and the kinds of organizations which they are working for:

Technical Communication Option:
User-interface designer (business services)
Compliance documentation specialist (banking)
Web master and technical communicator (software)
Grant writer and education/training materials developer (non-profit)
Communication specialist (civilian with U.S. military)
Ph.D. candidate in Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication (Univ. of Minnesota)
One May 2013 graduate is currently looking for employment

Writing Studies Option:
Full-time faculty and newspaper sponsor (Butler Community College)
Full-time non-tenure track faculty (Arizona State University)
Part-time faculty (Missouri Western), currently looking for full-time employment

If you'd like information about our MAA program or the graduate certificate in the teaching of writing, check out our department site and/or contact Dr. Adkins.

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