Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Accomplishments

Dr. Kay Siebler presented a paper at the Conference on College and University Teaching and Learning in Washington, D.C. The presentation focused on assessment practices for first year writing students and her involvement in the Missouri Department of Higher Education committee designing a first year writing assessment protocol for all Missouri students attending colleges and universities. 

Dr. Jeanie Crain completed training for AQIP Systems Review process

 Dr. Elizabeth Latosi-Sawin made a presentation on "Real and Imagined Wolves in Literature and Political Life" at the American Democracy Project National Meeting in Denver Colorado and participated (by invitation) in the Stewardship of Public Lands Course Working Group composed of faculty from across the country that will be developing a national hybrid course focusing on engaged citizenship. Dr. Sawin will be reporting on how historical and literary material reveals underlying conceptions and attitudes that play a part in our treatment of wolves today.

Dr. Sawin also attended the Tenth Biennial International Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment at The University of Kansas where she presented a paper entitled "Changing Our Natures: Material Ecocriticism, Theory of Mind, and the Novel."

Dr. Bob Bergland and Veronica Nagorna Luts’k published the article “Multimedia and Interactive Features of Ukrainian Newspaper Websites” in The Convergence Newsletter, a 10-year-old monthly publication emailed to 1,500 academic and professional journalist subscribers and published by the University of South Carolina.

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