Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An EFLJ-Fueled Faculty Juggernaut Whips Media Types

For the faculty, it was nothing but net.
Once again the faculty basketball team schooled the media types at the MWSU basketball tip off party this evening in front of hundreds of students who, the faculty realize, were really there for free pizza, tee-shirts, and the actual basketball teams.

Nonetheless, the faculty squad made the most of their twenty-five minutes of fame. Of the five who managed to show up for the faculty, three were from EFLJ, which is something like fifty-five percent of the team. Bob "Only Faculty Member in Shape" Bergland, Bob "Hey, guys, I'm open!" Nulph, and Mike "Why Do I Keep Letting Bergland Talk Me Into This" Cadden represented EFLJ well. Well enough to notch a 28-25 victory.

The patented let-the-young-kids-try-crazy-crowd-pleasing-shots-and-miss-while-we-shoot-lay-ups-and-hold-the-ball-so-we-don't-all-die-of-a-stroke strategy proved the right call once again. After the game, Nulph summed up the feeling of the faculty when he wheezed, "Sweet Fancy *^&% I'm tired."

Tired, yes . . . but also champions. The trophy dedicated to this annual game is believed to be serving as a door-stop in the TKE house.

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