Thursday, March 6, 2014

February Activities


Dr. Jeanie Crain, Professor of English, performed a systems portfolio review for the AQIP accreditation body.

Dr. Cynthia Jenéy, Associate Professor of English, presented her paper "Keep Calm and Carry a Falcon: Riding Toward Catastrophe with the Arthurian Ladies" at the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.   

Ms. Mary Stone Dockery, Instructor of English, has had her chapbook The Dopamine Letters published by Hyacinth Girl Press.

Prairie Lands Writing Project Activities

Prairie Lands Writing Project Director Susan Martens (MWSU), Co-Director Christie Leigan (Hall Elementary, St. Joseph), and Teacher Consultant Mya Treat (SJSD) interviewed candidates for the PLWP 2014 Invitational Summer Institute and were pleased to send official acceptance letters to 13 area teachers from a wide range of districts, grade levels, and content areas.

Work with teachers involved in the College Ready Writers Program (CRWP) funded by PLWP’s i3 grant continued in February with model lessons, book study groups, and other sessions with teachers and students in Braymer, Hamilton, and Breckenridge.  PLWP Teacher Consultants Janet Jelavich (Maryville, retired), Lynn Tushaus (Savannah, retired), Michelle Irby (Orrick High School), and Amy Miller (Benton High School, St. Joseph) joined Kathy Miller (Weston High School), Jane Frick (MWSU, retired) and Tom Pankiewicz (MWSU) in delivering these programs. 

On Feb. 19th and 20th, Teacher Consultant Terri McAvoy (St. Joseph, retired) conducted model lessons and met with teachers at Pickett Elementary as part of the SEED 2 Professional Development in a High-Needs Schools grant.

Finally, a number of PLWP Teacher Consultants were involved in numerous capacities at the Annual Write to Learn Conference, held at Osage Beach Feb. 27-March 1. 

·         Co-Director Tom Pankiewicz hosted an awards ceremony for approximately 200 people, which included student winners in grades 7-12, their family members and their teachers, for the Missouri Writing Region of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.  He was assisted by Teacher Consultants Josie Clark (Bode Middle School, St. Joseph) and Amanda Moyers (Central High School, St. Joseph) as well as by Director Susan Martens.

·         Clark, along with Teacher Consultant Stacia Studer (Bode Middle School, St. Joseph), presented a conference session called “Creative Power: Combining Creative Writing and Technology.”

·         Kelsey Corzine (a MWSU graduate) and PLWP Teacher consultant Tia Frahm (Bode Middle School) presented “How to Love Revision in Ten Mini Lessons.”

·         Tori Grable (Smithville) and Elisabeth Alkier (Bode Middle School) presented “Taking Flight with Technology: Using Current Technological Tools to Encourage and Enhance Student Writing.”

·         Dasha Davis (Savannah High School) presented “A Mile in Their Shoes: Increasing Global Awareness through Multicultural Literature.”

·         These and other PLWP Teacher Consultants also accompanied several teachers who were attending Write to Learn, some for the first time, as part of their work with the College Ready Writers Program,  including Terrance Sanders (Braymer), Diane White (Braymer), Candy Hensley (Hamilton), Renae Wattenbarger (Hamilton) and Linda Gaines (Breckenridge). 


Ms. Mary Stone Dockery, Instructor of English, has been appointed an editor at Sundress Publications (a publishing collective). As an editor, she will be reading full-length manuscripts, chapbooks, writing blog posts, reviews, and other dutues.


Mike Cadden, Professor of English, was awarded honorable mention (runner-up) by the Children’s Literature Association for his article “All is Well: the Epilogue in Children’s Fantasy Fiction,” Narrative 20.3 (Oct 2012). The award recognizes the top scholarly articles on the subject of children’s literature published in English during a calendar year.

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