Friday, August 29, 2014

Welcome to our new Fulbrighters and Xidian Exchange Professor

As we have in the past few years, this fall we welcome Fulbright instructors in both Spanish (Carlos Yebra Lopez) and German (Sebastian Loewen) as well as our third fourth Chinese instructor from our exhange partner, Xidian University (Zhou Zhenglyu).
Zhou is from Xi’an, China. He is an associate professor of English at Xidian University. He obtained a Master’s Degree in 2004 and remained in the university as a faculty member. He has published over 20 academic papers on language teaching & learning, particularly in the area of English writing. The four books he has authored or  co-authored are A Detailed Analysis of Common Errors in English Writing (2012), A Detailed Analysis of Common Mistakes in Academic Writing (2013), A Practical Course of Interpretation (2013), and A Practical English-Chinese Technical Dictionary (2013). Two more books, one about Chinese culture and the other being a writing course, are to come out this year. He is actively engaged in many research programs.

Sebastian was born in Trier, Germany (which is the oldest city of Germany, founded by the Romans at around 30 BC). He received a Bachelor’s as well as a Master's degree in English, Politics and Education at the Justus-Liebig Universitaet Giessen. Sebastian is excited to teach his mother tongue to MWSU students and hopes to share some of Germany's culture with as many students as possible. A fan of films, he is looking forward to the Modern Languages Foreign Film Series this semester. Besides movies, he likes sports, especially soccer. During his time in the US he hopes to see as many places as possible, attend an NBA as well as an NFL game, and eat a lot of local cuisine.


Born in Zaragoza (Spain), Carlos has devoted his career to the study of language. He first entered a BA (Hons.) in Philosophy (University of Zaragoza, Spain). As a result of this, he chose to specialize in the philosophy of language. He pursued a Master of Arts in Philosophy at University of London. During this period, he also obtained a Master’s in Education (University of Zaragoza) as well as graduate diplomas in German, English and French. He has taught ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) in Belgium. In his free time, Carlos enjoys practicing sports (track and field, basketball and swimming), making jokes, reading and writing.

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