Monday, September 8, 2014

August Activities



Claudine Evans and Eduardo Castilla-Ortiz participated in the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessment (MEGA) Marker Response Selection Meeting held in Columbia, MO on August 14th, 2014. The tests for candidates seeking teacher certification in French and Spanish are being redesigned in the state of Missouri. The educators who attended this meeting, including Evans and Castilla-Ortiz, worked on the redesign process.

Exhibitions/Publications/Peer Review

Marianne Kunkel's poem "Notes to my Mormon Grandmother" has been accepted for publication in North American Review.


Ana Bausset-Page attended the XIV International Congress of Hispanic Literature August 6-8th in Cordoba, Argentina where she presented a paper entitled: "Tridimensionalidad en dos cuentos de J. L. Borges y J. Cortazar."

Cynthia Jeney presented her paper "Kenneth Burke, John Searle, and Chris Hables Gray Walk into a (Cyber) Bar: Why the Burkean System Must be Extended Online" at the Ninth Triennial meeting of the International Kenneth Burke Society in St. Louis.

Student/Community Involvement/Successes

Susan Martens was an invited panelist at the New Orleans Writing Marathon Retreat hosted by the Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project July 14-18.

Tom Pankiewicz (MWSU, retired) was invited to attend the National Writing Project’s College Ready Writing Program Resource Development Retreat in Memphis, TN, July 23-25.

The Prairie Lands Writing Project’s College Ready Writing Program launched its Argument Writing Cadre with meetings at MWSU on August 6th and August 28th.  This program is part of the second year of work in a three-year National Writing Project i3 (Investing in Innovation) grant  managed by PLWP Principal Investigator Jane Frick (MWSU retired) and coordinated by Lead Facilitators Tom Pankiewicz (MWSU retired) and Kathy Miller (Weston). The Argument Writing Cadre involves pairs of PLWP Teacher Consultants and English Language Arts teachers from three schools in the grant program, along with several school administrators, who work together to develop argument-based writing units and to track student improvement in academic writing.

Cadre members are: from Braymer: Mitch Barnes, Terrance Sanders, and Diane White; from Breckenridge: Linda Gaines, Brent Skinner and Lauren Wingate; from Hamilton: Carrie Cavender, Terri Moore,  Candy Hensley, Allison Ford, and Traci Schieber; from PLWP: Jane Frick, Tom Pankiewicz, and Kathy Miller as well as  Maridella Carter (Blue Springs High School), Janet Jelavich (Maryville retired),  Terri McAvoy (SJSD retired), Amy Miller (MWSU), and Valorie Stokes (Platte County High School).

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