Wednesday, January 14, 2015

December accomplishments
Ana Bausset-Page was invited to the Celebration of the XII Anniversary of the Foundation of the Institute in honor of poet Cesar Vallejo. Dr. Bausset-Page was presented with a copy of the book Cesar Vallejo Testamento del padre, signed by the author of the preface.

Ana was also featured in “The Spanish Times" in an article on Latina women in higher education.

Kara Bollinger had her nonfiction essay, "Thanksgiving in Moscow," published on Brevity's blog. The essay was submitted for Brevity’s holiday contest for "flash" essays (300 words or less). Here's the link:

Mary Dockery’s poem, "I Call the Suicide Hotline," appeared in the December issue of the journal Lunch Ticket

Marianne Kunkel's poem "I Guess," published in Rattle, is a new featured poem on Rattle's website. Also, a writer's profile of Marianne is scheduled to appear on the Notre Dame Review website later this month.

Susan Martens' vignette, "On the New Orleans Writing Marathon," was published in the December issue of College Composition and Communication.

Kay Siebler presented a paper on teaching critical thinking in China through sexuality education. at the International Gender and Education Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

With the Prairie Lands Writing Project, MAA students and PLWP Teacher Consultants Josie Clark and Elisabeth Alkier (Bode Middle School) hosted the Writing Club Rumble on Dec. 6 at MWSU.  This event, part of PLWP's Supporting Effective Educator Development--Teacher Leadership grant, gathered local teachers to discuss approaches to after-school writing clubs.

Morale and Motivation
Thanks to our M & M team for hosting white elephant gift exchange at the end of the semester.  It was great fun, although for some mysterious reason, more gifts were given than received...

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