Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Students in Action

“Voices of English 100”
 This semester, Fall 2015, in ENG 100 – Introduction to College Writing, students conducted interviews with family members and friends in order to learn about and accurately and vividly depict their “real” stories.  Through these interviews, students gained new perspectives on others’ life journeys, their struggles and tragedies as well as their successes and joys.  Through this process, students also learned about themselves.  We hope you carefully listen to the “voices of English 100.”  Here are some of the interview subjects’ own words and photographs.    https://instagram.com/voices_of_english_100/   Special thanks to Amy Miller for her technological prowess in setting this up.

El Dìa de los Muertos
As in previous years, the Spanish Club organized a celebration of the Day of the Dead. Students met in Spratt Hall to paint skulls, drink horchata, and hear presentations by professors Eduardo Castilla, Ana Bausset, and Miguel Rivera about the past and present of this Hispanic celebration. There were shrines, music, and, just maybe, some invisible visitors.

Bon appétit!

Students in French and their guests enjoyed a traditional French meal on the evening of November 13th in the President's Dining Room. The menu included cake aux olives, gougères, bœuf bourguignon, fromages français, followed by dessert, including mousse au chocolat and clafoutis. The dinner party included musical performances between courses.  Merci to all those who prepared food and entertained!

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