Monday, February 15, 2016

Poésie et Chocolat

French Club members provided an early Valentine Day's celebration by reading French poetry in Murphy Hall elevators this past Monday, February 8th. They also handed out chocolates to the lucky students and faculty members who rode the elevators. 

Faculty participate in roundtable

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, a dozen or so EML faculty gathered in Eder 211 to participate in an informal roundtable discussion hosted by the Morale and Motivation Committee. The discussion topic was "Working with Challenging Students," and many faculty shared advice, asked questions, and challenged the group to think about student behavior in new and insightful ways. Issues of student and teacher safety came up, as did student mental health; teacher authority based on age, gender, ethnicity, etc.; cell phone use in the classroom; and student disrespect versus naiveté. The committee would like to thank everyone who participated and made the brown bag session possible. We're already receiving requests to host another one!

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