Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Faculty Achievements

Popular Culture presentations
Kay Siebler presented her research on African American feminist television characters at the Popular Culture Association conference in Seattle.
 Cynthia Bartels also presented at the Popular Culture Association conference: "Some things aren't true even if they did happen: one youth's journey to Altamont."

Susan Martens also presented at the Popular Culture Association conference: "Fat and Ash, Real and Imagined: All on a Mardi Gras Day in Treme.

Marianne Kunkel attended the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) conference in Los Angeles. Accompanying her was MWSU student Chris Pankiewicz.
She and Chris staffed an informational table about The Mochila Review, the university's national creative writing magazine, at the conference book fair.

Dawn Terrick presented at the 47th Annual CEA (College English Association) Conference in Denver.  Her presentation was entitled "From Marginal to Mainstream Voices:  Re-Creating the Purpose of a Student Publication."  

Miguel Rivera published a review on the book Creativity and Science in Contemporary Argentine Literature, by Joanna Page. It appears in the journal Dissidences.

Mary Stone published three poems from her "Last Woman on Earth" series at MoonsickShe published [Jennifer Requests an Open Casket] in Decomp.  In addition, her poem "A Man Tells You What is Good" was accepted by Cider Press Review. 

Grant Award
The Prairie Lands Writing Project has been awarded $20,000 of federal funds for the site’s 2016-2017 SEED Advanced Institute to Scale Up the NWP College-Ready Writers Program Grant proposal. Amy Miller, Tom Pankiewicz, and Jane Frick were co-authors of the grant. Miller and Pankiewicz attended the program's launch meeting in Washington D.C.

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