Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dawn Terrick Publishes on MWSU Developmental Writing

Dawn Terrick, Director of Developmental Writing at MWSU, published the article "Granting Access and Rewarding Success in a Developmental Writing Program" in BWe: Basic Writing, an online journal. Dawn was invited to write the piece after she accepted the 2009 national award for most innovative developmental writing program from the Conference on Basic Writing, which is a special interest group within the national organization Conference on College Composition and Communication.

The journal's table of contents is linked below, on which you can find Dawn's essay. I encourage you to read it for a very good description of the nature and spirit of developmental writing at MWSU. Developmental writing and reading classes at MWSU change students in profound ways, and the experience is crucial for their success at the university.

Congratulations, Dawn and all of those who teach ENG 100!

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