Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Noticias from Sevilla

BA Spanish major Eric McCrery (far right) is the inaugural student to study at the Universidad de Sevilla as part of our newest exchange agreement:

Greetings from Seville! Classes are going well; although they are flying by (I'm still nervous abut final exams, which seem like they will be here before I know it!) I attended a Salsa dancing class and plan to go more, as they say that I did very well!

I am also getting accustomed to the night life: hanging out with friends later in the day and staying out late (until two or three a.m.) This last weekend I met up with fellow MWSU student Cristen Cagle, who is studying in Granada; we took a day trip to the nearby city of Cordoba and explored the city and its important landmarks.

I'm having a great time here and I can tell my Spanish is improving, both with listening (the accent of this area can be difficult sometimes) and speaking!

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