Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ana Bausset-Page Becomes Grandmother

It continually surprises us in EFLJ, a department comprised exclusively of thirty-year-old faculty, when one of our own claims grandchildren. Ana Bausset-Page, brand new to our Spanish faculty, makes such a claim.

Little Evie, short for "Evelyn Perl Kirk," was born on November 23, 2011 (when Dana Andrews last turned 39). She was a home delivery. She weighed in at 6lbs, 8oz and measured 21 inches long. Ana's oldest son Ivan and his wife Christina are the proud parents. As you can see from the photo, Evie is actually a cute baby, unlike most of them who simply look like Winston Churchill with gas.

Evie has a two-year-old brother named Max. Nobody has asked Max, undoubtedly a "Wild Thing," what he thinks of all this. We are certain to find out.

Contratulations, Nana Ana!

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