Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bensyl Helps Develop Japan Studies Association Projects

Dr. Stacia Bensyl, Professor of English and Treasurer of Japan Studies Association, participated in a week-long site visit in Kyoto, Japan as part of a Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership grant received by Japan Studies Association in July.  The purpose of the grant is to "create the next generation of leaders for the United States and Japan, with an emphasis on educational outreach."  

Dr. Bensyl, along with four other JSA board members, met with administrators from Otani University in Kyoto to plan and develop a seven-day workshop for American college and university teachers in Kyoto in 2014.  They also met with the chairman of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation and the president of the Hiroshima Peace Institute to plan and develop a 2015 workshop in Hiroshima.  

Additionally, in fulfillment of the grant, Japan Studies Association will be conducting a workshop at Wichita State University in October 2013 and a workshop at Belmont University in April 2014 to assist other undergraduate professors at colleges and universities without Japanese Studies or Asian Studies programs infuse Japanese studies into existing curricula. 

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