Monday, August 26, 2013

EFLJ Picnic 2013

 The full-time faculty (including nine new teachers for 2013) gathered at Dr. Cadden's house to mourn the loss of summer and get excited for the coming academic year.
Drs. Donaher, Roberts, Goad, and Bensyl mock their colleagues bereft of a table. "Come early next time!"

New instructors Kara (second from left) and Mary (middle). Betty and Fred Sawin look on.

Lu Cadden and Tammy Bergland sit on the steps and commiserate about their husbands likely involvement with the sport of curling this fall.

New faculty Susan and Miguel wonder what they're in for.

Sitting on the periphery and telling questionable stories.

New faculty Bob Nulph (second from the left) and Hong Huang sit with Susie and Ed Hennessy

Fulbrighters Philipp (German) and Clara (Spanish) 
Clara (left) and visiting Chinese professor Jianhua Lian (right) sit with Ana

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