Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jeanie Manning Awarded Presidential Citation

Jeanie Manning, Director of Developmental Reading, has been awarded a Presidential Citation for Service to Students.

Jeanie Manning has shown outstanding commitment to helping students grow as individuals in and out of the classroom. Upon her arrival at MWSU, she developed a reading technique that allows adult learners to learn to think critically as well as to remember what they read. She is regularly invited to present the technique in many COL 101 classes, as well as ENG 100 classes. Jeanie implemented a research project in RDG 095 and ENG 100 classes, showing that students who use the reading technique are improving their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills by almost 20% in just a four week period of use.

Jeanie has volunteered to be an advisor for students and works with Student Services to provide advising and consulting services for freshman students, particularly those who are considered to be at risk students. She also volunteers her time in the Faculty Mentor Program, through the Office of Residential Life. She provides informal evening programs in Scanlon Hall covering subjects of interest to the residents, including her reading technique, test taking techniques, time management, test anxiety reduction, stress reduction and relaxation techniques. She meets RAs and students for lunch to cultivate the faculty-student relationship. She has also joined others in the Faculty Mentor Program to provide evening programs regarding advising and registration and final exam preparation as well as hosting the students each semester for a pancake supper in the dorm.

Last year, Jeanie was recognized as an Outstanding Instructor by Disability Services for her involvement in easing difficulties that are sometimes encountered by students with disabilities. This was especially meaningful to Manning because students made the nominations for this award. She has provided training for the Stepping Stones Minority Achievement Program to enhance their mentor program.

Working closely with the Non-Traditional Student Office, Jeanie assists students with the often challenging transition to college life. She provides testing and advising for non-traditional students by appointment to help ease the burdens of their work schedules. She also provides skills-enhancement programs to the Non-Traditional Organization upon request. Jeanie has served on the Critical Thinking Committee, the Ad Hoc Task Force for Student Success, the Developmental Education Committee, the First Year Programs Committee, and the Faculty Mentor Program. She is also active in the Learning Community program on campus. She is an active member of the College Reading and Learning Association, the National Association of Developmental Education, and the MWSU Ambassadors.

Congratulations to Jeanie, and thanks to her for the great work she does for student beyond her duties.

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