Monday, April 27, 2009

Spanish Class Performs for ESOL Students at Humboldt

On April 21st, students from Dr. Karina Vazquez's SPA 312 class adapted "Los degolladores de estatuas" (The Statues Killers) by Argentina writer, poet, and feminist Alfonsina Storni and presented the play in Ann Miller's ESOL program at Humboldt School. There were 29 children in the audience.

This plays is about two girls' toys that are tired of nobody consider their feelings. They declare a rebellion to catch the attention of their little owners.

Students of SPA312 (Spanish Advanced Conversation I) worked in adapting the play to contemporary times, preparing the set design, costumes, and performance programs. Students also prepared the play presentation and the role play at the end, which was very successful with children's participation.

This experience helped students to improve their Spanish fluency throughout constant practice and group commitment, and also it presented an opportunity to communicate in Spanish within the community. For the ESOL students it was a demonstration of how valuable the Spanish language is and how interested members of the community are in talking with them about their topics (that in this case were toys, games, playing with their parents, going to the square, riding bikes, learning English, etc.).

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