Friday, March 16, 2012

Dockery Publishes Book of Poetry

Mary Stone Dockery, English BA alumna, has published her first book of poetry. Mythology of Touch is already available for purchase:

Mary has had some good press on her book as well:

"Here’s a first collection of poems that is a sensual joy ride through the language of love, longing, and loss. Dockery wields an enviable palette of colors, scents, and images, to keep her poems vivid and memorable. She plies you with drink, covers you in dead flowers, buries you in rotting fruit and broken glass, brushes your lips with fragile kisses, and then darts quickly out of reach like shrapnel, like a laughing child."
-–Richard Peabody, editor Gargoyle Magazine

"Mary Stone Dockery is hilarious. She is biting. Bitter. Rude. Powerful. This debut book of verse ranges from prose poems to lyrics. All have punch. She is a fine writer, yes, but more so she tells real stories: about death in 'Self Portrait as a Mortician' and about debauchery in 'Too Much to Drink.' This is compelling work. Pick up this book and feel the sizzle."
--Denise Low, Kansas Poet Laureate 2007-2009 and author of Ghost Stories of the New West, winner of a Kansas Notable Book Award

"The images conjured within Mythology of Touch are lasting as if carved in marble. Mary Stone Dockery has the ability to illustrate beauty and intelligence in a way that traverses the contemporary voice of intimacy alongside the classic boundaries of guilt and responsibility. This intensely physical poetry, blended with gentle colors and sounds, taps into the truth of what it is to discover one’s self through experience and memory. These are warm-blooded poems, full of passion not only for the stories they contain, but for the essence of poetry itself; a shared union of emotion."
--Matthew Porubsky, author of Fire Mobile (the pregnancy sonnets)

Mary will be reading from her book on March 25th at 5pm at the Tap Room in Lawrence, KS, on April 6th at 8pm at the Writer's Place in Kansas City, MO, and April 21 at 7pm at the Raven Bookstore in Lawrence, KS. She plans to have a book release/reading in St. Joseph as well.

Congratulations, Mary!

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