Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Griffon Yearbook in Top 3%

The Griffon yearbook received a Silver Crown at Columbia University’s School of Journalism, New York City, March 18. The Griffon was one of 14 yearbooks to receive a Crown award from Columbia Scholastic Press Association, recognizing it as one of the top 3% percent of yearbooks in the country.

Editors of The Griffon were Raphael’le Drew, Editor-in-Chief, Jourdan Huffman, Copy Editor, Kelsey Saythaney, Photo Editor, fall semester,
Robin Gann, Photo Editor, spring semester, Erica Stevens, Design Editor, fall semester, Hanna Greenwell, Design Editor, spring semester, Sarah Hatten, Assistant Copy Editor, Courtney Slater, Assistant Photo Editor, Lindsey Roberts, Design Assistant, spring semester, and Heather Heater, Photo Assistant, fall semester and Design Assistant, spring semester.

Fall semester staff incuded Stephanie Garver, Ragan Hoezel, Andy Inman, Ruth Northup, Noelly Collier, Leah Cotton, Cheyenne Davis, Lauren Hicks, Olin Kinsey, Nick McCutcheon, Robyn Patti, Malia Sisk, Lauren Dillon, Molly Thomas and Robin Ussher. Spring semester staff included Michelle Allen, Tiffiny Bell, Brittany Bremer, Zac Couvalt, Nicolette Muller, Robyn Patti, Clifford Petersen, Bryant Porter, Lauren Dillon, Jessica Groves, Jeff Meyer, Molly Thomas and Robin Ussher.

The adviser of The Griffon is Dr. Ann Thorne.

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