Friday, March 1, 2013

A Call to Psalms

Alumna Jessica Rice Is Not Reading About Puppies and Rainbows.
Come and read your lovingly-honed words aloud to a throng of souls thirsty for the nourishment that only poesy can provide. Yes, First Thursday Open Mic (née That Poetry Reading Series) is upon us. It is March. Spring is near. Come and swell our hearts with visages of verdant meadows and maidens. Or maybe you could just use this as an ironic opportunity to make fun of poetry readings through your own reading. Or perhaps you could share a nice story about your cat (the internet, while designed for the purpose of sharing cat pictures, is not sufficient as a medium for praising cats, some believe). It is also a great time to meet up with like-minded people over refreshments. Whatever your motivations, it's a good time.

Foster's Martini Bar
6-8 PM
Thursday (hence the name), March 7

See you there.
Unless you're, well, chicken.

Are ya?

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