Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Banned Books 2013

Will Stuck reads about blood, toddlers, and graveyards
 On Wednesday evening, close to seven hundred people* showed up to hear banned and challenged books read aloud.

The crowd learned about intellectual boners, how spiders die alone, suggestions for sterilizing people to avoid a population explosion, what it means to give until you are just a stump, the professionalism of murderers, how to manipulate friends around a campfire, the best means for choosing a mistress (as suggested by a Founding Father), and how one might create melted butter from speeding tigers. It was a truly educational evening.

Thanks to Susan Martens, Shana Meyer, Dennis Ellsworth, Amber Thorp, Kit Blake, Will Stuck, Donna Jean Boyer, and Kaye Adkins for reading. 
Kit Blake shares a story of a boy, tigers, pancakes, and vanity

The event, sponsored by EFLJ, MWSU Library, and the the Education Department, was the seventeenth consecutive such commemoration of The American Library Association's Banned Books Week.
Kaye Adkins shares eight reasons why men should choose older women

Exhausted from the danger, some have brownies and lemonade
*It could have been about forty, but these things are uncertain in the dim lighting necessary for undertaking such a dangerous meeting.We can safely say that there were  between thirty-five and seven hundred people in attendance.

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