Tuesday, April 8, 2014

EML Trivia Team Wins Silver

 Last Friday night your EML Trivia Team fought bravely against seven other teams in the annual Alpha Chi Lambda (Western’s Honors Society) and SHO (Student Honors Organization) fund raising event. EML trounced them all—including a nasty collection of Ohio State alumni—with the exception of one team: the Brain Busters. 

The Triva Team. Partial Meditation was Key to Near Victory (Jenéy photo credit)
Team captain Dana Andrews led a rag-tag bunch of people (Martens, Cadden, Katchen, Charlton, Adkins, and Jenéy) who clearly needed to know more about things like geography and science.

Questions that the EMLers answered correctly?

What narrow pass was held by 300 Spartan warriors against a vast Persian attack force?

Answer: Thermopylae

Who directed the Godfather movies?

Answer: Francis Ford Coppola

Who was Aristotle’s most famous student?

Answer: Alexander the Great

In what town in Italy was the Stradivarius violin created?

Answer: Cremona

What three-word American idiom means to go past the point of no return?

Answer: Crossing the Rubicon

Incorrect answers

What alloy is the result of mixing copper and tin?

Our answer: Pixie dust

Correct answer: bronze


What is the westernmost city on the African continent?

Our answer: Cheyenne

Correct answer: Dakar


What is a Badger’s dwelling called?

Our answer: Badger’s House or Toad Hall (depending on the scene in The Wind in the Willows)

Correct Answer: a “Set”


What are the thread-like substances in the nucleus of animal and plant cells?

Our answer: Biology thingees

Correct answer: chromosomes

Your second-place EMLers scored a 74/100, losing to the Brain Busters by 2. The outcome is being contested because it is suspected that the contest emcee, Bill Church, owes several of the Brain Busters some serious cash. We were also thrown off of our game by the Rorschach cookies, which we found distracting. C.J. insists that they are meant to look like Griffons. Meredith saw the Anti-Christ. Dana his landlord, which may be the same thing. Kaye thought it looked like a restrictive clause. In any case, as you can imagine, we missed a few questions fighting over an image that is clearly that of our twenty-first President of the U.S., Chester A. Arthur.

The EMLers’ second-place winnings ($200) were donated to the YWCA’s Abused Women Services in St. Joseph, MO.


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