Monday, April 21, 2014

Foreign Language Day

Spring means Foreign Language Day, which brings enthusiastic high school students from the area to compete with each other. The approximately 150 young women and men had the chance to demonstrate their skills in a foreign language by participating in events such as the poetry recitation, poetry Slam, culture bowl, spelling bee, and a “sell it” contest.
There were also team competitions such as lip-synch performances, a representation of a historical event of the culture of the language they are learning, and the creation of video commercials.  From St. Pius X High School, the students of the French II class reenacted the famous poem “Déjeuner du matin” by Jacques Prévert to sell a coffee product. This high school has the largest representation in French as well.

The students from Maur Hill Mount Academy used their language skills and other talents to make an infomercial.

The event is an opportunity not only for the students to practice language skills, but also for MWSU to keep close contact with foreign language professionals in our region. We acknowledge the efforts of those teachers; they give their students a jump start on skills that they can continue developing at the college level. We hope to see many of them here engaged in modern language course work at Missouri Western.


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