Monday, April 23, 2012

Developmental English Program Hosts Reading

On Wednesday, April 18, 2012, the ENG 100 program held a reception to honor those students whose essays were chosen to be included in the 6th edition of the ENG 100 student publication Discovering the Student, Discovering the Self.  17 students were in attendance to receive their awards and read from their published works.  The student essays reflect the struggle and the joy, the hard work and the rewards that these students have experienced both in their lives and in the classroom.  After the reading, students reconnected with their ENG 100 Instructors and introduced their family and friends to their professors.  Smiles, hugs and even a few tears could be seen throughout the room.  Overall, approximately 75 faculty, staff, students, friends and family were in attendance to enjoy the reading, food and camaraderie and conversation that carried over into the afternoon. 

If you wish to read these student essays and discover the same things that the students have discovered, during their first semester in college they are discovering themselves, realizing that they are part of many communities and defining themselves as individuals, students, scholars and citizens, go to:

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