Thursday, December 5, 2013

Department Changes

As fall semester 2013 ends, so does the department's identity as "English, Foreign Languages and Journalism." When spring semester 2014 begins, journalism and convergent media will become part of the new department of Communications & Journalism, and we will become English & Modern Languages (which was the department's name in the 1980s).

We still welcome news of the accomplishments of our graduates in journalism, convergent media, and public relations!  We're still your department, folks; you just have reason to pay attention to what's happening in a second one. Professors Bob Bergland, Bob Nulph, and James Carviou will become faculty of the new department of Communications & Journalism, but the newspaper and yearbook offices will remain where they are, so when you return to visit, we'll all still be on the second floor of Eder.

So ends the first post of "The English & Modern Languages Blog."

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