Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Honorary Coaches

English faculty Mike Cadden and Dana Andrews were chosen by graduating senior football players to serve as "honorary coaches" at the last home game this season. Cadden's student sponsor was Seth Morton, a wide receiver (#28) on the team and a BSE, English major set to begin student teaching in the spring.

Andrews and Cadden were a bit disappointed that the "honorary" part was so literal. Neither was consulted on blitz packages, special teams strategy, or the best way to attack the 4-3 defensive look offered by the Bearcatz. There was no Gatorade bath or a request for a rousing half-time speech, which Cadden had prepared just in case. Andrews tried to "coach up" a couple of players on the side line, but he was rebuffed.

In any case, the loss was pinned on the ten faculty coaches in Griffon News.

Congratulations to Seth on his completing his football career at Western. He'll need the skills he learned--especially blocking things and running complicated routes--in his teaching career! 

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