Thursday, December 5, 2013

November Activities and Accomplishments


Mary Dockery and Kara Bollinger, Instructors of English, presented their own poetry at the Raven Bookstore in Lawrence, KS, November 8. Mary presented her poetry at The Writer's Place in Kansas City and read with poets Walter Bargen and DaMaris Hill.
Exhibitions/Publications/Peer Review

Mary Dockery, Instructor of English, published her second collection of poetry, One Last Cigarette, with Honest Publishing. Mary received a Pushcart Nomination from the journals Menacing Hedge and Stirring, for poems published previously this year.
Robert Nulph, Assistant Professor of Journalism, had 16 photos on exhibit at the Mitchell Park Plaza Gallery in St. Joseph the month of November with a reception held Saturday, November 9th from 3-6pm. The gallery has asked Dr. Nulph to extend his exhibit through the month of December.

Praire Lands Writing Project

Several Prairie Lands Writing Project Leaders and Teacher Consultants made presentations at the Annual Convention of the National Council of Teachers of English and at the Annual Meeting of the National Writing Project, held jointly in Boston on November 20-24. 

·         Terri McAvoy (St. Joseph School District, retired) and Christie Leigan (Hall Elementary School, St. Joseph) presented a session called “Teaching Opinion Writing: Experiencing the Possibilities.”

·         Rebecca Dierking (Truman State University) and Janet Jelavich (Maryville High School, retired) presented a High School Matters roundtable session called “'Nooking' Reluctant Readers.”

·         Valorie Stokes (Platte County High School), Michelle Irby (Orrick High School), and Lynn Tushaus (Savannah School District, retired) presented a session with the Missouri Writing Projects Network called “From ELA Teacher to Literacy Expert: Re-imagining Our Roles.”  

·         Susan Martens (MWSU) made a presentation called “When the Fantasy Teaching Bubble Breaks: ‘Outrospection’ in a Reading Methods Course” as part of a session about partnership programs between pre-service teachers and high school students.


Terri McAvoy also presented two-days of model lessons in grades 3, 4 and 5 at Pickett Elementary School in St. Joseph on Nov. 12th and 13th as part of PLWP’s SEED 2 Professional Development in a High-Need Elementary School Grant.

While at the NWP Annual Meeting, McAvoy and Prairie Lands director Susan Martens and co-directors Tom Pankiewicz (MWSU) and Christie Leigan (Hall Elementary School) participated in an NWP SEED 2 lunch during which sites shared their work this year with the grant’s control schools and met with sites beginning year-long professional development work at high-need elementary schools. 

McAvoy, Martens, Pankiewicz and Leigan attended a presentation by SRI International representatives revealing preliminary results from last year’s SEED 2 study. The results, unfortunately, are aggregated, studying the effect of the PD programs in all 44 selected schools. No site knows the impact its work had on an individual school.


Jane Frick (MWSU retired), Tom Pankiewicz (Instructor of English), Kathy Miller (West Platte School District), and Valorie Stokes attended several i3 College Ready Writers Program sessions at the National Writing Project Annual Meeting. On November 19, they participated in a conversation with leaders from other i3 sites to share their successes and challenges in offering the program. Several workshops over the next day directed related to i3 work. Pankiewicz also took part in a focus group that examined key challenges and obstacles sites face in their work.

In other i3 work, Pankiewicz and Janet Jelevich presented model lessons at Braymer High School while Kathy Miller and Lynn Tushaus presented model lessons at Breckenridge High School.

Pankiewicz, Jelavich, Tushaus, Miller, and Jane Frick developed and presented Professional Development workshops throughout the month. Two hour PD sessions were held in Braymer on November 6 and at Breckenridge and Hamilton on November 8. Pankiewicz also led a book study group at Hamilton on November 11. 


Jeanie Crain, Professor of English, is involved in a Systems Portfolio for AQIP through February.


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