Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 ENG 100 Reading and Reception

Dr. Vartabedian welcomes guests
On Wednesday, April 10, 2013, Dawn Terrick, Director of Developmental Writing, hosted 85 people at the annual reception for the ENG 100 student publication Discovering the Student, Discovering the Self.  Dr. Vartabedian kicked off the reception. Then students received certificates and awards and read their original work. Students were joined by their family and friends as well as MWSU faculty, staff and administration and all enjoyed an afternoon of celebration.  

Another big crowd for the ENG 100 Reading
Director Dawn Terrick hands out awards
This is the seventh edition of Discovering the Student, Discovering the Self.  The essays that appear in this publication were selected by the English 100 Committee from submissions from English 100 students from the Spring and Fall 2012 semester.  These student essays reflect the struggle and the joy, the hard work and the rewards that these students have experienced both in their lives and in the classroom.  Furthermore, these essays reflect the diversity of our English 100 students and the uniqueness of this course.  Our students are entering college straight out of high school and are returning to the classroom after years of work and family, come from urban and rural areas, and represent different races and cultures.  And this work is truly their work -- the committee has not made any revisions or corrections to the essays.   
We invite you to read these essays on our website and hope that you will discover the same things that the students have discovered:  during their first semester in college they are discovering themselves, realizing that they are part of many communities and defining themselves as individuals, students, scholars and citizens.

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