Monday, April 8, 2013

Mary Dockery to Publish Second Book

Mary Stone Dockery, EFLJ alumna and current instructor of English, will see published her second collection of original writing. 

One Last Cigarette, scheduled to appear in October, incorporates both verse and prose poetry, and is organized in four sections, each one focusing on a part of grief (denial, depression, anger, and finally, acceptance) - what they say you experience when you quit smoking.

Honest Publishing claims that "We’re committed to publishing prose and poetry that is challenging, original, bold, and unafraid to be different. We are an outlet for writers neglected by the mainstream, for work that isn’t easily pigeonholed or written to a formula." The book will be available in England as well as in the U.S., and will also be available in E-book form.

Congratulations, Mary!

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