Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ken Rosenauer Retirement and Student Awards Reception

Yesterday we gathered to honor our outstanding graduates and celebrate the 34-year Griffon career of Dr. Ken Rosenauer.
Matt and Dr. Fulton

Dave and Dr. Bergland
Students were honored to start the afternoon. The outstanding graduates in English (Staci Hersh), Convergent Media (Dave Hon), French (Donnie Hughes), Spanish (Eric McCrerey), and Education (Sarah McClure) were given their due, as well as the Sandy Jacobs Literature award winner (Matt Ausberger). Faculty close to each graduate presented the awards, citing the each student's numerous accomplishments and virtues.

Staci and Dr. Donaher
After the testimonies were given by faculty regarding the outstanding accomplishments of the graduates, we turned our attention to Ken. In his time here, Ken created our convergent media degree; he was a founding member of the AIM graduate faculty, leading that group for a time; he was EFLJ chair for six years (2 terms); he was newspaper adviser for 14 years, and he was yearbook adviser for 3.

Sarah with Ms. Terrick and Mr. Pankiewicz
Eric with Dr. Castilla-Ortiz
Ken has been honored with the Mehl award for scholarship, which recognizes his three textbooks on journalism. Ken was very active in the national College Media Advisers organization, serving as its president, board member, as well as its newsletter editor and conference planner. Ken is a recipient of the Goldon Key award from Columbia U. and is in the College Media Advisers Hall of Fame for his outstanding work teaching college journalism.
Donnie and Dr. Hennessy

Ken with Sandy Jacobs and Barb Scheidegger. Sandy and Barb served as administrative assistants when Ken was chair.
The Scanlon service award was awarded him for his outstanding, varied, and long-standing community service.  Of special note is his service as president of the Apple Blossom parade since 2000 and serving on the Savannah school board. Ken even did a term as mayor of Savannah from 87-91. 
Dr. Cadden presents Ken with his gift

Plenty of Three Stooges to fill Ken's retirement time!
Thanks to Bob Bergland for putting together a slideshow of Ken's time at MWSC/U, which features Ken with an enviable mustache that itself is worth the price of admission.

President Vartabedian chats with Ken

Congratulations to our graduates and to Ken for your hard work, accomplishments, and distinction.

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